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GWC Honda 275R Nev. 1000 Winner Dec 02   Ultimate Duncan Triple-Threat Banshee
Aug 02
Duncan Racing/Lobo PC2000 GNC Racer Jun 02   Duncan Racing Desert Banshee Oct 01
World Champ's 440EX Jul 01   World Champ's 440EX Jul 01
Personality; GNC#1 Travis Spader Feb 01   Tech & Testing; Duncan
Racing 250R Power Valve
Feb 01
Project Bombadier DS650 Mar 00   ATV Action Tackles the Peak Nov 99
Golden West Banshee Jun 99   Duncan Racing LT250R Feb 98
Elsinore Grand Prix Feb 98   All About Porting Aug 97
Modified Warrior vs TRX300EX Feb 97   World Championship Banshees Dec 96
The Worlds Greatest ATV Race-1996 Pont De Vaux Dec 96   12 Hours of Pont De Vaux Dec 95
World Championship Banshees Dec 95   Peakmaster Banshee Nov 95
Banshee Woods-MX Pipe - Silencer Shootout Part 2 Nov 95   Banshee Woods-MX Pipe Shootout Sept 95
Grand National Champions Sept 95   Banshee vs 4-Trax Feb 95
12 Hours of Pont De Vaux Dec 94   17K Endurance Banshees Dec 94
Top Riding and Racing Tips Nov 94   Pikes Peak Winning Quad Oct 94
Duncan Woods Banshee Mar 94   Top Pros Trade Quads Jan 94
CT vs Duncan vs Trinity Duner Banshees Mar 93   250 High-Performance Shootout Jul 93
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GWC Honda 275R Nev. 1000 Winner - December 2002
There's an art to building a face race squad, but putting together an ATV that can win an event like the torturous Nevada 1000 almost qualifies as magic. Consider what the machine has to do; it needs to have the power to run with the fastest quads made, and it has to have the durability to run wide open for hours ....... read article

Ultimate Duncan Triple-Threat Banshee - August 2002
If you're a long time reader of ATV Action, you might be familiar wit the Duva family. Chris and his sons, Justin and Brian have been test riders for ATV Action for ten years, doing everything from testing four-bys and minis to stadium and GP racing. A long time dune racing fanatic, Chris is a die-hard Yamaha Banshee 250 fan and has ....... read article

Duncan Racing/Lobo PC2000 GNC Racer - June 2002
Last year, Duncan Racing's Tavis Cain broke a GNC series record when he completely dominated the TT class by winning every single round in the 250A class. In addition, Tavis, a highly skilled amateur racer, also raced in the extremely competitive 250 Pro-Am class that has plenty of pros competing. He finished second overall behind ....... read article

Duncan Racing Desert Banshee - October 2001
The engine kit sets you up with porting, a Powerhead, a set of pips and silencers, reeds, Keihin carbs and, importantly, free tech support from Duncan Racing. This combo offers a smooth power delivery that winds up into an alarming top end that will have ground passing your feet at about 100mph ....... read article

How To Jump Doug Eichner - August 2001
So, have you ever seen any of those jump videos and wondered just how they can make a three hundred pound ATV fly through the air with virtually no effort? Jumping an ATV can be some of the most fun you can have while riding. But many people don't understand the mechanics of what is going on ....... read article

World Champ's 440EX - July 2001
Every tuner has his own idea of how to unleash the 400EX's ponics, and at the same time improve the chassis to handle it. Duncan Racing's Loren Duncan has a few different ideas on how to make the 400EX fly, and we talked to him about a new 440EMX he build for Doug Eichner to race at the ....... read article

Personality; GNC #1 Travis Spader - February 2001
What do you have in common with the fastest ATV racer in the country? You might be surprised. Travis Spader, reigning 250 Pro GNC champ, wasn't lowered from a space ship onto an ultra-trick quad with a mission to take over the ATV racing world. He's a surprisingly normal rider from Brick, New Jersey ....... read article

Tech & Testing; Duncan Racing 250R Power Valve - February 2001
"If I had a motor like his" is still the most used line at any race track. Think it's popular now? Wait until some ATV's show up with Duncan Racing powervalve cylinders where you ride. Traditionally, if you port a 250R cylinder for fierce, screaming top-end power, you're left with less low than a ....... read article

Project Bombardier DS650 - March 2000
Motor Magic and More!- It's already the fastest high-performance machine availible! What else is there to doto the DS650? Well, as you read last month, just about any quad can stand some inprovement ......read article

ATV Action Tackles the Peak- November 1999
Duncan Racing Pike's Peak Banshees- You better believe we get involved in the stories we do. If it's a test on a sand machine, we'll tear around the dunes on it. If it's a wood quad, we'll rip through the forest on it. Sometimes we take it one step further. ......read article

Golden West Banshee- June 1999
"Your 're seeing fewer and fewer purpose-built hillshooters," claims Jon Gregory, winning SCORE desert racer for Golden West Cycle. "Not too many people want an ATV that you have to truck to the hill and then can only ride once before it blows up....... read article

Duncan LT250R- February 1998
It's all too easy to wrongly pigeonhole a performance company: "Oh Yeah, Duncan Racing only does Yamaha Banshees." True, the Southern California company does do championship-winning Banshees like Doug Eichner's #1....... read article

Elsinore Grand Prix- February 1998
It's a race like no other in the worlds. Made famous in the enormously popular 1971 motorcycle documentary On Any Sunday, the Elsinore Grand Prix....... read article

All About Porting- August 1997
To the average Joe, porting is wholesale hogging out of the ports with a dremel tool ....... read article

Modified Warrior vs. TRX 300EX February 1997
When the 4-Wheels ATV Action staff shows up at a riding area, everyone comes over to find out which machines we plan to shoot ....... read article

World Championship Banshees - December 1996
It's a case of "if it aint broke, dont fix it." After thoroughly dominating last years 12 Hours of Pont de Vaux, the combined team of Duncan Racing (USA)/Philip Charles Racing (England) wisely elected to leave well enough alone....... read article

The Worlds Greatest ATV Race- Pont de Vaux- December 1996
"You can think of a race as like a movie plot. In the beginning, everything looks promising for good guys....... read article

12 Hours of Pont de Vaux- December-1995
"You can think of a race as like a movie plot. In the beginning, everything looks promising for good guys....... read article

World Championship Banshees- December 1995

Midway through the 12-hour race, the chief mechanic for Phillip Charles Racing (PCR) in England, Martin Fletcher, scratched his head and remarked in a thick British accent, "This is strange. I'm not used to sitting around during a long race....read article

Banshee Woods-MX Pipe - Silencer Shootout Part 2- November 1995

It's almost like following an exciting racing series: "Jake Endo now leads the season after getting soundly beaten by Nick Brakeczech in the opening round." The opening round for this story was our Sept. '95 issue ....read article

Peakmaster Banshees- November 1995

When most people think of a hillclimb they think of a quick drag of 100 or so yards up a cliff masquerading as a hill. Well, the Pikes Peak Hillclimb is just a little bit different....read article

Banshee Woods- MX Pipe Shootout - September 1995

How do most people pick an exhaust system? They might buy the pipe on their buddy's ATV (the one that always beats them). Or they might check out the machines that are winning the championships ....read article

Grand National Champions- September 1995

The '95 Grand National Championships promised to be an exciting event this year, with extra riders flocking from the West due to the canceled Mickey Thompson series. More riders....read article

Banshee vs. 4-Trax- February 1995

In the beginning, bright red Hondas ruled. The ATC250R was the machine to beat ....read article

17K Endurance Banshee- December 1994

"If there were factory works Banshees they would look pretty similar to these four," says Mark Fletcher, chief mechanic for the Philip Charles Leisure/Duncan Racing team assault on the 12 Hours of Pont de Vaux....read article

12 Hours of Pont de Vaux- December 1994

Pont de Vaux is a strange kind of race. With only a few turns to go in the event, the quad finishing fourth blows by the race winning quad....read article

Top Riding and Racing Tips-November 1994

So you want to be a better rider? You had better keep your eyes open and listen up. One of the advantages of working for an ATV publication is all the contacts...read article

Pikes Peak winning Quad- October 1994

Its like no other race in the world. It's the oldest, fastest and the longest uphill TT. ....read article

Duncan Woods Banshee- March 1994

Ask any woods rider what he's looking for in a motor and the first thing he will mention is good torque ....read article

Top Pros Trade Quads- January 1994

What are the subtle differences among the top racing quads? How does the suspension differ? Would the power characteristics of one top machine ....read article

250 High Performance Shootout- July 1993

It was the type of question that is guaranteed to start an argument: "You want to know who makes the fastest motors? All you've got to do is look at the results from the Nationals......read article

CT vs. Duncan vs. Trinity Duner Banshees - March 1993

Power can either be a blessing or a curse! On the Banshee, its an obvious blessing when going in a straight line, but there are few riders in this world who have the skill....read article



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