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      Hot Wheels: Team Stamina - Buyers' Guide 2004
2004 Buyers' Guide
May 04
  Open-Class Thug Nov 03
Flying Z470 Nov 03   Investing In Stock Sep 03
Hocus Pocus "Warrior" Sep 03   The Flying Z Apr 03
Hot Wheels American Endurance
May 02   The Perfect Plan Apr 02
Streets Of Fire Apr 02   Air Apparent? Jan 02
Screaming Desert R's Nov 01   Wheels of the Champ  Apr 01
#1 Pont de Vaux Banshee Apr 01   World Class Racing Feb 01
Travis Spader Q & A Feb 01   Strong Speedster Duval Oct 00
Hole Shot Banshee Dec 99   Best in the Desert Oct 99
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A Classic Blast- July 2007

Want to shred the competition? So do we. And it’s even easier on a quad like the IMS-built Honda TRX450 with a Duncan 470cc National Kit....read article

A Classic Blast- July 2007

Duncan Racaing turns an old two-stroke into a modern delight- Yamaha has a knack for building unique ATVs that have a long lifspan and the Blaster, which lasted almost 20 model years ...read article

100 MPH Quadzilla- Duncan Racing Suzuki LT525R- The Corvette of Quads- June 2007

When most people think of big two-stroke, Yamaha Banshee comes to mind. But Suzuki's LT500R, manufactured from 1987 to 1990, remains the biggest and baddest mass produced two-stroke the sport has ever seen...read article

Enduro Honda- March 2007

Unlike Duncan Racing's formidable Banshee for 12 Hours of Pont De Vaux, which is assembled in the UK by ATV World (Duncan Racing's European distributor) this team Honda was...read article

12 Hour Shadow- Dec 2006

Going to a worlds class ATV event with full press credentials is always a blast for me. And it's nice that the winngist rider at France's 12 Hours of Pont de Vaux........read article

Honda With A Twist - Oct 2006
Some things are just better with a twist. A vodka tonic just wouldn't be the same without a twist of lime......... read article

A Terror In The Dunes- Apr 2006
To be honest, serious MX racers were a bit bummed when the Raptor was released five years ago. They were hoping for a fast and nimble machine. Instead they got a rather bulky quad that was pretty fast, but more suitable for the desert and trails than the track. It took a fair amount of work to make it into a........ read article

Chanceux Sept (Lucky Seven) - Dec 2005
It's a simple but amazing story: An American racer goes to France and beats the French seven times. Yes, we're talking about bicycle racer Lance Armstrong, but we're also talking about quad racer Doug Eichner. It's only fitting that a world-class event like Pont de Vaux should have plenty of........ read article

Duncan's Banshee Still Rules PDV, But The Four-Strokes Are Coming - Dec 2005
Their competitors have whined that Duncan Racing prevails at the 12 Hours of Pont de Vaux simply because of the shotgun approach and big bucks: enter a bunch of quads and one should do well. But if that approach works why didn't a French team with eight entries do better that fourth overall this year? Yes, there's more to winning........ read article

Everyday Duner - Duncan Makes A Wild 470R - Oct 2005
Do you know anyone who doesn't like sand dunes? I sure don't! And of all the people tearing around the sand, motocrossers use the dunes to the absolute fullest. You're not going to see many hill racers scouting around for 80 foot doubles. Or jumping all the way to the bottom of a 60-foot slip face. or slamming head on into a........ read article

cover ATV Sport - Aug 2005
Duncan Racing makes the cover of ATV Sport magazine........ read article

Duncan Racing Predator Designed to Shred Sand - Aug 2005
As you saw in our April issue, Polaris' Predator, even with that big engine, isn't the fastest performance quad, it comes in last on MX track and for all around aggressive riding, it's not our top choice. But it does do pretty good on the trails, it's comfortable, and for someone who wants to buy American, the Predator is the one. Now, let's take it to the dunes........ read article

Rad Little Raptor April 2005

The stock Yamaha Raptor 350 is a great machine but, as you'll see in our shootout next month ( your getting some proprietary info here, dude!)....read article

cover ATV Sport - Mar 2005
Duncan Racing makes the cover of ATV Sport magazine....... view cover

French Fried - Mar 2005
At first glance, they look pretty much like MX quads with headlights. But, They're far from that. Imagine trying to set up an ATV for a TT track that turns ugly and develops massive braking bumps, holes, mad and blinding dust. Or, imagine....... read article


Hot Wheels: Team Stamina - Buyers' Guide 2004
The Duncan Racing/ATV World team is dead serious about the 12 Hours of Pont de Vaux, the high-speed endurance race in France that remains to be the premier world-class event of the year. The team's lineup for the 2003 event included two highly modified Yamaha Banshees, a trick YFZ-450 and a wild W-Tec KTM 540 from Holland....... read article

Sandosaurus - May 2004
For many ATVers, even the 600cc-plus, large displacement engine aren't enough. Allen White is one of these dudes. He races in the desert and loves sweeping through the dunes on an ATV. In those wide open areas, White says he need a quad with a monster motor and major mojo. He chose the Yamaho 660R Raptor, but he knew....... read article

Flying Z470 - November 2003
When the Suzuki Z400 was relased, high-performance-sport-quad lovers fell head-over-heels for it. The Suauki's "newness" wore off and die hard sport ATV enthusiasts were tempted by the Yamaha YFZ450. And even more perspective buyers have held off buying a new quad because of Honda's forthcoming TRX450R. We're here to say....... read article

Open-Class Thug - November 2003
Plenty of 400cc-range four-strokes compete in the Pro and Pro Production classes at the ATVA/ITP Nationals, but the two-bore two-strokes don't go any larger than 265cc. To find those fast, big-bore two-strokes, look to the Open-Pro-Am class - the Pro-Am machine you see here is one of the nicest.  Ridden by the 2001 Open Pro-Am champ....... read article

Hocus Pocus "Warrior" - September 2003
Many people see the Yamaha Warrior 350 four-stroke as old hat. It's slower than all the newfangled four-stroke models, it's as ugly as a hippopotamus and some would argue it's as heavy as one, too. For other reasons, however people continue to buy this fun-but-aging model. That's probably why Yamaha hasn't rushed to ....... read article

Investing In Stock - September 2003
Can the pro production class level the playing filed? New for the 2003 racing season, the All-Terrain Vehicle Association's (ATVA) Pro Production class hoped to help reduce the cost of building a high-end race bike, level the playing field and bring in sponsors. With a list of guidelines, the ATVA hopes it can create a more appealing class that maintains a high-level of competition. ....... read article

The Flying Z - April 2003
No Doubt about it the Suzuki Z400 - and Kawasaki KFX400 for that matter - is a great bike. Stock for stock it's better than most, but few serious ATV enthusiasts ever settle for a stock bike. With help from the aftermarket, we took a bone-stock Z400 and turned it into a more legitimate performer, we call it "The Flying Z". For this issue, we added ....... read article

Hot Wheels American Endurance - May 2002
First there were the famous automobile races, the 24 hours of Le Mans in France and the 12 Hours of Sebring in Florida. The quad racing followed in the closed-curcuit endurance style of competition with the 12 Hours of Pont de Vaux in France. Not to be outdone by our European quad racing counterparts ....... read article

The Perfect Plan - April 2002
As Round 4 of the Big 6 Grand Prix series looned on the horizon, I was all revved up with nowhere to go. Why? While the ATV Sport project Raptor was getting a makeover, I was quadless ....... read article

Streets Of Fire - April 2002
Many off-road races, even some major events, are held way ont in the boonies. Often, the most exciting nearby landmark is a cornfield. Spectator attendance can be spotty. Then there are races that are real happenings. Unique courses, interesting locations, and swars of enthusiastic spectators ....... read article

Air Apparent? - January 2002
Apparently Californians perform well when the odds are against them. For 2001, the hot new kid in the 250A class was Tavis Cain, who lives just 20 minutes from Creech. After nine of the 12 rounds of the Maxxis ATV Nationals, Cain had already taken the class title. He went on to ....... read article

Screaming Desert R's - November 2001
To see just how far desert quads have progressed, check out these two beauties from Duncan Racing, Roll Design and Golden West Cycle. Competing on these quads, John Gregory and Doug Eichner stand a good chance this year of taking home championships in the two most prestigious desert racing series on the continent, SCORE and The Best in the Desert....... read article

Wheels of the Champ - April 2001
Spader's main sponsor, Duncan Racing, provided the lightning-fast powerplant for the Honda 250R-based machine. The heart of the motor is Duncan's new PC 2000 Power Cylinder. Thick features include Nikasil-coated boare {it's way more durable than an un-coated sleeve}, O-ring seals for ....... read article

#1 Pont de Vaux Banshee - April 2001
Duncan Racing has smoked the other American teams at Pont de Vaux (PDV) so many times, it seems they own France's legendary 12-hour ATV endurance race. They didn't win in 1998 and '99, but the team came back with a vengeance last year and crossed the finish link almost 30 minutes in front of the second place squad ....... read article

World Class Racing - February 2001
Three pilots would represent the U.S., including Doug "Ike" Eichner, with three PDV wins, a Mickey Thompson stadium championship and three GNC Open Class titles to his credit. English rider Paul Winrow, unquestionably the fastest ATV rider outside the U.S. and winner of the '92 PDV, teamed with Eichner for this year's event. Their machine, a Duncan Racing/Laeger Banshee 350 ....... read article

Travis Spader Q & A - February 2001
Spader knows that he didn't do it alone. He admits that his sponsors and mechanic had a lot to do with his personal success. I recently fired 20 questions at Spader after Round 12 of Maxxis AMA ATV Nationals held in Greenville, Tenn. ATV Sport: What do you think helped you the most in winning the championship? TS: Good sponsorship support from Duncan Racing, and having Paul Turner as a mechanic........ read article

Strong Speedster Duval - October 2000
"My favorite things about this machine are it's durable chassiss and efforless handling, especially for a course like Boyers." said Duval, after the race. Duvall let us take his Duncan Racing prepped 250R out on the Boyers track. We weren't interested in any durability testing, but wanted to feel that handling and the Duncan power........ read article

Hole Shot Banshee - December 1999
We called Duncan Racing's Loren Duncan, builder of the motocross Banshees ridden by Open-class champ Travis Spader. We knew Duncan could tell us what we needed. And if we sounded kinda sorry and pathetic (not hard to do), he'd even build the parts in a hurry and rush them off to us ........ read article

Best in the Desert - October 1999
We met up with them out in the Anza-Borrego desert for a close look and a ride. We discovered that even among desert racers, there's a big difference in machines. But considering this racer was built by Duncan Racing and Roll Design, that should have come as no suprise. The racer is built around a ........ read article


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