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Project 700XX Nov 10      
Race Or Play 450R Apr 04   Duncan YFZ450  Jan 04
Duncan Racing Dream Raptor Nov 03   Duncan KFX450 World Champ Aug 03
24 Hours On The Kawasaki
Aug. 03   Tavis Cain, Rider Profile Aug 03
Duncan Racing Honda 440EX Mar 03   Brad Page, In The Spotlight Dec 02
Motocross Banshee Jan 02   DR Suzuki LT 500 Aug 01
Grand National Champ
Spaders TT & MX 250R
Feb 01    Dec 99
Wolf in Sheeps Clothing-Duncan Racings Wolverine Mods Nov 99  

IMS/Roll Deisgn TRX 440EX

Feb 99

Travis Spaders Factory Flyer

May 98   Championship Banshee Jan 98
Modified Sports Shootout Dec 97   Duncan Racing Dual Sport Banshee Feb 97
Lobo 250R Dec 95   Honda 4Trax 500R     Jan 94
Euopean Extravaganza; Three Amnericans take on the world in France Dec 93   The Amazing Duncan Racing/Philip Charles Racing Banshee Dec 93
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Project 700XX- November 2010
To really take advantage of what riding in the dunes is all about, you need horsepower...read article

Race Or Play 450R - April 2004
Last month in Over The Bars we brought you the incredible news about the team that won the Baja 1000 on a virtually bone stock Honda TRX450R. For 2004, the Golden West Cycle team, headed up by John Gregory, was awarded a factory support contract for their efforts. While running a completely stock machine may possibly........ read article

Duncan YFZ450 - January 2004
As you might recall, when we took a look at one of Duncan Racing's Dream Raptors (Dirt Wheels, November '03)it had a who's who list of bolt-on performance products and modifications. From its Roll Design gull wing A-arms and front end, to its long travel Elka suspension system mated to a powerful DRI 740cc........ read article

Duncan Racing Dream Raptor - November 2003
Suppose you could spend any amount of money you wanted to remake your high performance quad into the machine of your dreams? Given an unlimited budget, how would you go about splurging literally thousands of dollars on your ATV? This is a question few of us ever get to indulge in these days. But let's suppose for a minute that........ read article

Duncan KFX450 World Champ - August 2003

At this year's White Brothers Four Stroke World Championships, two KKFX450s pretty much dominated the racing action. There was one good running Cannondale and a Honda CRF powered machine in the mix. Heck, there was even a Predator in the top three in one moto.But, all four motos (two TT & two MX) were won by green machines........ read article

Tavis Cain - Rider Profile - August 2003

Tavis Cain is a friendly cuss, but he can be blunt and to-the-point with his answers about ATV riding and racing. The 2001 Amateur Racer of the Year grew up in McKinleyville, California, and an early riding partner was Dana Creech, who is still a close friend. Since the he turned his attention to racing, doing well at both motocross and TT ....... read article

24 Hours On The Kawasaki V-Force - August 2003

Every other year, the windswept desert plains of the Plaster City BLM (Bureau of Land Management)OHV park pleasy host to aspiring racers looking to set new off-road endurance records. Located 20 miles west of the Southern California city of El Centro, which is near the Mexican border, this is the battleground where dirt bike and ATVs are pitted against each other....... read article

Duncan Racing Honda 440EX - March 2003

Duncan Racing has a reputation for building race ready quads that hold up to the abuse and wear and tear of competition. Long time west coast ATV racer Doug Eichner has won the world Four-Stroke Championships, held at Glen Helen Raceway in Southern California, aboard a modified Duncan Racing Honda 400EX for ....... read article

Brad Page, In The Spotlight - December 2002
Doug Eichner is known as one of the most tenacious, hardest-riding ATV racers on the planet. He has won three GNC Open Pro-Am championships and five Pont De Vaux World Championships aboard Duncan Racing modified Yamaha Banshees. We think this qualifies him as an expert in determining what hop-ups work best and ....... read article

Motocross Banshee - January 2002
Doug Eichner is known as one of the most tenacious, hardest-riding ATV racers on the planet. He has won three GNC Open Pro-Am championships and five Pont De Vaux World Championships aboard Duncan Racing modified Yamaha Banshees. We think this qualifies him as an expert in determining what hop-ups work best and ....... read article

DR Suzuki LT 500 - August 2001
Duncan Racing International has a well deserved reputation for high quality race proven performance modifications. They have built engine hop-up kits for ATVs since the very beginning of the sport in the early seventies. Duncan's many improvements for the LT500 QuadRacer have stood the test of time....... read article

Grand National Champ - February 2001
Fast forward 11 years and Travis's dream has become a reality. The New Jersey native took his Duncan Racing/Roll Design Honda 250R to his first 250 championship with an impressive series of finishes during the course of the 2000 AMA Grand National Championship motocross IT series. He beat out competitors ranging from ....... read article

GNC Finals- December 1999
For the third time in as many years, Americas fastest doctor in training, Travis Spader, piloted his Duncan Racing/Roll Design/Golden West Honda to a big win in the 250 Pro class..... read article

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing- Duncan Racing's Wolverine Mods- November 1999
Yamaha's Wolverine was the company's first attempt at making a competitive sports based four wheel drive quad.... read article

IMS/Roll Design TRX 440 EX- February 1999
When Honda first came out with their TRX400 Ex we knew it would only be a matter of time before engine and suspension kits were developed for it .... read article

Travis Spaders's Factory Flyer- May 1998
Racing in and winning the Grand National Pro Series is the ultimate goal for most of today's top ATV riders..... read article

Championship Banshee- January 1998

For the past three years Southern California Racer Doug Eichner has traveled the AMA Grand National circuit with the Duncan Racing Team..... .read article

Modified Sports Shootout - December 1997

Duncan Racing Warrior vs, Duncan Racing Honda 300EX- When it comes to reliable performance, Duncan Racing is extremely confident.......read article

Duncan Racing Dual Sport Banshee - February 1997

Duncan Racing has made a name for itself as one of the winningest performance companies in ATV racing.... read article

LOBO 250R - December 1995

Like Dickens said so long ago, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Back in '89 you could easily say that about the ATV industry ......read article

Honda 4Trax 500R- January 1994

Suppose for a moment that Honda, in its infinite wisdom, decided to go against all the smug corporate advice......read article

The Amazing Duncan Racing/Philip Charles Racing Banshee- December 1993

Why would any professional team race the equivalent of 30 events on a quad without performing any maintenace...read article

European Extravaganza; 3 Americans Take on the World in France- December 1993

With one of his teams three quads leading and only a half an hour left to go in the '93 12 Hours of Pont De Vaux......read article


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