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Keihin 38mm PWK Air Stryker Carburetor
Part Number: K-38PWK-AS

Keihin 38mm PWK Air Stryker
Keihin 38mm PWK A-S with Twist Throttle
Keihin 38mm PWK A-S with Thumb Cable
Price: $259.00
Availability: CALL US!

Note: This is a specialty product and is not currently available for purchase online. Please call Duncan Racing International and a DRI staff member will assist you by collecting the required specifications and placing your order. Thank you.

Product Information:

Purchase Options:
Part # K-38PWK-AS Keihin 38mm PWK Carburetor (only) $259.00
Part # K-CR38-K Keihin 38mm PWK Carburetor Kit with CR Throttle & Cable
Part # 01-604 Throttle Cable Honda TRX 250R Thumb to 38mm PWK Carburetor
Part # C-069 Throttle Cable Suzuki LT 250-500 Thumb to 38mm PWK Carburetor

No company in the ATV industry has more carburetion experience and offers better instructions and customer service than DRI

Optional Items:
See Options Pricing below

DRI SUPER FLOW Carburetor Mod (each carb)
Part # K-JK01 Jet Kit
PYRAMID Reed Valve

Models: Honda ATC/TRX 250R & Suzuki LT 250R & Suzuki LT 500

Engine Modifications Recommended:
TRX 250-LT 250
Works with either stock or modified engines.
But performs best with modified engines running higher compression than stock

LT 500
Works well with either stock or modified engines.

Best if used when strong Midrange and Great Top End Power is needed. Gives slightly better bottom than 39 PWK
For LT 500 power is excellent across the entire power curve

Optional Upgrade Modifications:
DRI SUPER FLOW mod is a machining modification performed in house by DRI. Improved performance on all Keihin carburetors at all air speeds. Improved air flow efficiency.
Works well in all applications

Reed Cage & Intake Manifold Recommendations:
Stock intake manifold should be used.
Carburetor will perform BEST when used with PYRAMID REED VALVES
Air Box Requirements:
DRI strongly recommends using the stock OEM airbox with K&N Air Filter.
Air Box Lid Off

Jet Kit Optional but recommended Jet Kit is built around settings DRI puts in Carburetors.
Kit is supplied with Richer and Leaner: Pilot Jets, Needles, Main Jets, in a polypro box.

Keihin 38mm PWK A-S Carb works best with PTR Pipe & Fat Boy Silencer. It will do very well with either the Midrange or High Rev Version

Information Required From Client To Properly PreJet Their Carburetors:
List of all Engine Modifications(porting, bore size etc.)
Pipe & Silencer
Air Filter & Box. Lid On or Off
Note if any Electrical Mods have been made
Kicking Compression (measured with engine cold)
Fuel Type and Octane-PreMix Brand/Ratio
Temperature & Humidity
Type of Riding
Throttle of Choice. Thumb or Twist.
Weight of Rider
Skill Level Of Rider

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