Powerhead PRO X TRX 250R Cylinder

Powerhead PRO X TRX 250R Cylinder

Part # PH-PX30 PRO X Cylinder for Honda TRX 250R Powerhead with stay $229.95
kit includes:head shell,dome,

Also fits 85-86 ATC 250R

Replacement Parts
Part # PH-1PXD- Dome each (15cc-32cc) $49.95

Information Required when ordering:
Type of Fuel
Piston Size
Are cylinders ported or stock? If ported need exhaust port
height(in mm's or degree's)
Cylinder Length (has cylinder been decked or based)

Special domes are offered for PROX 265cc, 300cc, 310cc, 330cc

CNC machined from billet aluminum

20% more cooling area for increased reliability

Interchangeable domes available in various sizes

Uses ProX design O-ring seal

Correct spark plug angle

Billet water fitting bolts on

Uses stock OEM head nuts

Works with stock or modified engines.

Domes are specially machined to DRI/PTR specifications; for correct squish angle, squish clearance, dome diameter.

What are advantages of adjustable domes

For stock cylinders that want a slight boost in compression

For high altitude riding

For ported engines

For alcohol engines

To adjust powerband. Raise for add low RPM torque, less let's engine Rev.

Carburetion jetting should be check after Powerhead installation

Notes on Compression:
Engine compression is lost as elevation is increased.
Engine compression is lost as exhaust port height is raised(as in porting)
Engine compression is increased as piston size is increased

PTR Powerheads are a proprietary product of Duncan Racing International, Inc.

Upgrade over original cast ProX head. Improved cooling. CNC machined from billet aluminum. Won't crack like cast parts
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