Fat Boy 2 Quiet Yamaha Banshee

Fat Boy 2 Quiet Yamaha Banshee

The Fat Boy 'Quiet' version utilizes the same internal design as the standard model, with the addition of a triple plated chrome end cap with a down spout to redirect noise. Noise level is lowered an average 2-4 dbs. Sound level will vary depending on testing method.

NOTE: Sparky Spark Arrestor will not work with Quiet Fat Boy.

Fat Boy 2 Banshee Silencers are sold in pairs.

Optional Parts: Part #FB-RPK9 Fat Boy Repack Kit (packing,screws,decal,instructions)

These two stroke ATV silencers have set the standard as the top performer over the last decade. No other silencers make better overall power than the Fat Boy. These distinctive mufflers provide better low end power, as well as maximum over rev at top speed. Producing a deep, throaty, stong sounding exhaust note.

Each Fat Boy is built with the highest quality aluminum, featuring a CR250 type core, steel end cap with stainless button head allen screws and 1000 degrees silencer material. Replacement packing, cores, screws and end caps are available.

All Fat Boy silencers work with PTR pipes and/or stock pipes (except when noted) and use stock OEM mounting hardware.

*For Maximum performance it is advisable to repack your Fat Boy silencer with only genuine Fat Boy Repacking kits every 6-10 hours.
Fat Boy 2 cores are off-set to the top by design. When reapcking silencer it is imperative that the core is reinstalled properly. Failure to do this will result in a noticable loss in performance.
DRI offers a special tool for repacking Fat Boy 2 silencers.

PTR Fat Boy 2 aluminum 2-stroke silencers are a proprietary brand of Duncan Racing International, Inc.

Quiet Silencer for the Yamaha Banshee. Noise level is reduced by the addition of a triple plated chrome end cap with a down spout
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