Paul Turner Midrange Pipe Yamaha Blaster

Paul Turner Midrange Pipe Yamaha Blaster

Purchase Options:
Part # PT-320M PTR Midrange Pipe (factory finish) $299.00
Part # PT-3SP2M PTR Midrange Pipe & Fat Boy 2 Silencer $435.00
(factory finish,Standard Silencer)
Part # PT-3SPM-Q PTR Midrange Pipe & Fat Boy 2 Silencer $445.00
(factory finish,Quiet Silencer)

Optional Upgrades
Part # CP-900N Pipe Chroming $120.00

Part # EXC-BL-PT Pipe Clamp $39.95

Performance:Peak Power gain over 20%

Power Curve:Great low-end response and incredible midrange pull. Top end power is better than stock. Provides the most bottom and midrange power of any pipe on the market today.

Recommended Riding Applications: MX, Cross Country, trail, play riding and sand dune riding

Other Required Modifications:Carburetor rejetting, with K&N filter

All pipes stamped from 20 gauge steel using extremely accurate dies, hand welded

All pipes pre-fit, and pressure tested.

On retail pipe orders directly from DRI jets for stock carburetors are supplied at no charge

Installation:PTR pipe and Fat Boy silencers use all stock OEM header springs, 1-OEM pipe bolt and pipe hanger,2-OEM silencer bolts

Chrome Plating:Chrome plating offered as an optional upgrade (at additional cost)Is the highest quality on the market today. All plated pipes are polished to perfection then triple chrome plated.

HISTORY: Paul Turner 2-Stroke ATV pipes are the real deal, not a mass produced over hyped imposter. All pipes are built under the tightest quality control. In the past 2 decades PTR pipes have won more ATV races around the globe then all their competitors-combined. The only Pipe sold with a money back guarantee.

NOTE: All Paul Turner Racing Exhausts are owned, designed and manufactured by Duncan Racing International, Inc.

Fits 1988-2004. Great low-end power, excellent midrange power, enhanced top end compared to stock. Best all around pipe available today. Recommended for motocross, small and tight flat track
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