Yamaha Raptor 700 Camshafts

Yamaha Raptor 700 Camshafts

NOTE: Vortex Ignitions has discontinued manufacturing their INTERCEPTOR line of piggy back fuel controllers to focus all their resources on manufacturing their standalone X10 ECU (Engine Controller Units). Regarding INTERCEPTOR references on DRI website. DRI would recommend using a Vortex X10 ECU in lieu of using the now discontinued Interceptor. Please call Duncan Racing Technical Support 619-258-6307 for more information.

Duncan Racing's Complete 715cc & 727cc Engine Performance Packages for the Yamaha Raptor 700 700cc Kit (STD Bore) #EK-37NT-70 $2795.00

Includes: Complete Fat Boy Exhaust System, 102mm (STD size, 12-1) JE Piston or 104mm/150mm (Big Bore, 12-1) JE Piston, HP4 Valve Train Kit (DRI Porting, Serdi Valve Seat Kit, Camshaft, Big Valve Kit, Shortened Valve GUIDES lift .420�/.385� duration 246°/244°
294-X2H Midrange/Top End Power lift .480�/.445� duration 264°/260°
*Rocker arm and head modification are required to install X2 camshaft

Piston Options:
STD Bore (686cc) 12-1 Compression Cylinder Hone Only
Big Bore (715cc) 12-1 Compression Cylinder Strip-Bore-Replate Required
Big Bore (727cc) 12-1 Compression Cylinder Strip-Bore-Replate Required

� 105mm is largest piston that can be safely put in stock cylinder and still be used with Nikasil plating.
If larger piston is used cylinder flange/skirt will crack.
�Nikasil plating offers maximum performance, reliability and engine cooling
� It is unadvisable to install steel big bore sleeve in the Raptor 700

Fuel: Stock engines can run pump fuel, but engines with 12-1 compression and higher should run race fuel. 105-112 octane. V C-12 Fuel is an excellent choice.

Horse Power Gain:
700cc + 15 HP, 715cc + 17 HP, 727cc + 18 HP

Oversized S/S valves are included in both HP4 and National Kits. Valve size +1.0mm IN & EX

Air Cleaner:
DRI strongly recommend Pro Flow Air Cleaner kit with custom K&N Filter and outerwear. Run with air lid off.

EFI Recalibration:
DRI Recommends using the Vortex Interceptor (included in National Kit). Remapping is also available to existing Interceptors. Reprogram software is also available, call DRI for details DRI does not offer technical assistance for any EFI remapping kits other than the Vortex Interceptor

Cores Required:
Customer must send in their Cylinder, Head Assy (with rockers), Camshaft.

Delivery Time:
4-6 weeks

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