Honda TRX450R "470cc /478cc" Big Bore Kits

Honda TRX450R "470cc /478cc" Big Bore Kits

Big Bore Kit
Kit Includes:Piston and Headgasket

470cc (12-1) $295.00
470cc (13.5-1) $295.00
478cc (12-1) $295.00

470cc (12.5-1) $295.00
478cc (12.5-1) $295.00
470cc (13.0-1) $295.00
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*NOTE: Cylinder must be stripped, bored and re-nikasiled at an additional cost

Replacement Head Gasket
#BB-12251-96 470CC '04-'05 $49.95
#BB-12256-98 470CC '06-'10 $49.95
#BB-12256-99 478CC '06-'10 $49.95

DRI strongly recommends 470cc big bore kits for most applications. The 470cc kits offer the best balance of performance, reliability and value. Note: Call for details regarding larger displacement big bore kit options.

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