Yamaha Raptor 700 "715cc/727" Big Bore Kits

Yamaha Raptor 700 "715cc/727" Big Bore Kits

Big Bore Kit

Kit Includes:Piston and Headgasket
715cc (12-1) $275.00
727cc (12-1) $275.00

-105mm is largest piston that can be safely put in stock cylinder and still be used with Nikasil plating. If larger piston is used cylinder flange/skirt will crack.
-Nikasil plating offers maximum performance, reliability and engine cooling
-It is inadvisable to install steel big bore sleeve in the Raptor 700

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*NOTE: Cylinder must be stripped, bored and re-nikasiled at an additional cost

Replacement Head Gasket
#H-2027 715cc $49.50
#H-153 727cc 105.50mm $49.95

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