Yamaha Raptor 250 Bolt-On Kits

Yamaha Raptor 250 Bolt-On Kits

CAM TYPE: Steel Billet made in USA.
CORE REQUIRED: OEM Cam Sprockets. Customer must send in stock camshaft cores so the cam sprockets and be removed and installed on new billet cams*Core charge $110.00 if no useable stock core is supplied

Midrange/Top End

Part #: 260-40B
Specifications: Midrange Lift: .368�/.368", Duration 270�/268�
Application: Motocross
Notes: 1, 2, 3, 4

All Around
Part #: 260-87
Specifications: Bottom End Cam, Lift: .353�/.353", Duration 262�/257�
Application: Baja/Cross Country
Notes: 1, 3

1.Customer must send in stock cam core or pay core charge of $110.00
2. Customer must send in head for modification or purchase new head from DRI.
3.HD Valve springs required
4.DRI custom matches the intake manifold to the intake port on all Raptor 250 heads. Customer must also send in stock intake manifold to be matched to Intake Port Once this process is completed it is unadvisable to change intake manifolds. This custom service is included in the porting process all clients have to do is send in their intake manifold with their head or purchase a new manifold from DRI.
Big Bore Kits and alternate compression ratio pistons are also available to use in conjunction with the HP4 Kit. Check the Big Bore Kit and Piston sections on our site for more info.

#VS-80550 Heavy Duty Valve Springs w/Titanium Retainers $129.95
#VG-80520 Shortened Bronze Guides IN/EX $19.95ea
#DR-80514 Oversized (IN) Valve $89.95

What is the difference between a billet and hardfaced cam?
Billet cams are sold outright with no core required. They are machined in the USA and are specially heat-treated for wear resistance. Billet cams are used when problems arise in the hardfacing process of stock cams.

Hardfaced cams are made from stock cams. In the hard facing process, stock cam lobes are welded with a hard surfacing alloy to increase durability as well as provide additional stock for high-lift profiles. The stock cam (or stock ?core?) can then be ground to almost any desired lobe shape. Some models such as YFZ 450 prohibit this type of modification because cam journals can distort in the welding process.

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