Suzuki LT-R450 HP4 Valve Train Kit

Suzuki LT-R450 HP4 Valve Train Kit

NOTE: Vortex Ignitions has discontinued manufacturing their INTERCEPTOR line of piggy back fuel controllers to focus all their resources on manufacturing their standalone X10 ECU (Engine Controller Units). Regarding INTERCEPTOR references on DRI website. DRI would recommend using a Vortex X10 ECU in lieu of using the now discontinued Interceptor. Please call Duncan Racing Technical Support 619-258-6307 for more information.

With today's modern ATV 4-Stroke engines, making additional Horsepower is no easy task...This makes it critical that Engine Tuners have the Experience, Knowledge and Equipment to do the job properly.

Duncan Racing International's HP4 Valve Train Kit is designed to give you the utmost in performance and reliability by using the most advanced equipment and techniques in the industry. All porting work is performed by our master technician and valve seat cutting is done on our in-house SERDI valve grinding machine.

DR-332K    $1150.00 DRI HP4 Valve Train Kit (without porting & install) includes: Billet camshafts, HD Valve Springs w/Titanium Retainers, Shortened Valve Guides, and Big Valve Kit (+1.0mm S/S Intake and Exhaust Valves). Porting and Serdi Valve Seat cut NOT INCLUDED. See cam profile options below.
*Kit must be installed by a trained professional with proper equipment
** Customer must send in stock OEM camshaft cores to have cam sprockets installed on new Billet cams.

DR-332KP  $1695.00 DRI HP4 Valve Train Kit (with Porting & Valve Seat Cut) includes: Billet camshafts, HD Valve Springs w/Titanium Retainers, Shortened Valve Guides, Big Valve Kit (+1.0mm S/S Intake Valves), DRI Cylinder Head Porting, SERDI Valve Seat Machining and Professional Head Assembly. See cam profile options below.
*Cylinder head must be sent into DRI so porting may be preformed. New head may be purchased if customer does not want to ship in their head. See core price below.
**Customer must send in stock OEM camshaft cores to have cam sprockets installed on new Billet cams.

Core Prices:
* Price to purchase new parts if no cores are sent into DRI for modifications
Cam Cores $381.00
Head $508.00
Valve Keepers $15.00

Part #332-X34
Specifications: Midrange/Top End Cam, Lift: .420"/.400", Duration 266°/268°
Application: Motocross/Sand Dune Riding
Notes: 1, 2, 3

Part #332-X12
Specifications: Bottom/Midrange Cam, Lift: .400"/.385", Duration 250°/254°
Application: Baja/Cross Country
Notes: 1

1.HD Valve Springs are required for this camshaft.
2.Shortened Bronze Guides are required for this camshaft.
3.New or modified piston required for this camshaft. Additional valve pocket relief in piston is required due to increased camshaft lift.

Optioned Valve sizes and materials are currently being tested.

Big Bore Kits and alternate compression ratio pistons are also available to use in conjunction with the HP4 Kit. Check the Big Bore Kit and Piston sections on our site for more info.

In-House Cylinder Head Porting* (by Master Technician)
*Valve guides are removed during porting process to allow for greater port reconfiguration

Port Design Modifications Aided by In-House Flow Bench Testing and Computerized Port Mapping Software

Precision Valve Seat Machining and Reconfiguration*
*DRI uses in-house SERDI Valve Seat Cutting Machine used by F1, CART and NASCAR.

Big Valve Kits (Stainless Steel or Titanium)

Heavy Duty Valve Spring Kits*
*With Titanium Retainers, Mandatory with High Performance Valve Trains

AMPCO 45 Shortened Valve Guides

Camshafts of the Highest Quality Made in the USA

All Head Work Done In-House for Reasonable Turnaround Delivery Time.

Customers Can Send In their Head for Modification or DRI Carries New OEM Heads.

HP4 Kits with porting offer gains up to 5 HP*.
*Results vary depending on camshaft profile and piston compression

For maximum performance, it is highly recommended to use a Fat Boy 4 Complete Exhaust and Vortex Interceptor with all HP4 Kits.

IMPORTANT NOTE When installing a high performance camshaft it is the responsibility of the engine assembler to check and confirm that the piston to valve clearance is adequate. Minimum clearance is .060" from valve to piston at peak lift. Tolerances can and will vary from engine to engine. There is not substitute for checking that these tolerances are correct. This is especially critical when mixing camshaft and pistons from different engine builders. One of the correct and easiest ways of checking this is by using the "claying the piston dome" method.
Call DRI or consult a professional technician

Kits include Camshaft(s), HD Valve Springs, Shortened Valve Guides and Big Valve Kit.
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