Honda TRX 450R DRI National 470cc Kit

Honda TRX 450R DRI National 470cc Kit

The DRI 470cc National Kit is the Best Combination of Value, Performance and Reliability on the Market Today.

Purchase Options :

470cc NATIONAL Kit ('04-'05)
#EK-145NT-47 (Stock Valves) $2450.00 * see note below
#EK-145NT-47B (Big Valve Kit) $2795.00

470cc NATIONAL Kit ('06-'16)
#EK-146NT-47 $2450.00 (Stock Valves) * see note below
#EK-146NT-47B $2795.00 (Big Valve Kit)

Includes: Fat Boy 4 Complete Exhaust System, 470cc (12-1 Comp) piston kit, Cylinder Bore and ReNikasil, head gasket, Camshaft(see camshaft profile options below), Big Valves S/S IN & EX (optional), HD Valve Springs w/Titanium Retainers, Shortened Bronze Guides, DR Head Porting and Serdi Valve Seat Machining, K&N Air Filter Instructions, DR Tech Support.

*Note: Kit #EK-145NT-47 & #EK-146NT-47 do not include new stock valves. Price reflects using customers existing stock valves. If new stock valves are needed additional charges will apply.

Motocross Cam
X11 Grind "Midrange/Top End" Power Gain (Lift .430"/.385" Duration 266°/282°)
Baja/Cross Country Cam
X22 Grind "Bottom/Midrange" Power Gain (Lift .412"/.350" Duration 260°/268 °)
TT/Drag Race Cam
X33 Grind "Maximum Top End" Power Gain (Lift .435/.385" Duration 276°)

Power Gains:
20+ HP

(470cc) '04-'05 model only - 11-1 (Pump Gas)12-1 (Race Gas)12.5-1
(470cc) '06-'16 model only - 12.5-1

Kit is also available in 450cc (STD Bore)
Price: Subtract $200 from desired 470cc kit for 450cc National Kit.
Compression: (450cc) '04-'05 model only - 11.5-1, 12-1, 13.5-1
Compression: (450cc) ''06-'16 model only - 12.5-1, 13.5-1

*DRI also offers a 478cc (97.0mm) piston kit option in 12-1 compression. The 478cc piston is not as reliable as the preferred 470cc piston option, because the 478cc piston requires the cylinder walls to machined on the thin side. DRI will substitute the 478cc piston when ordering National kit at no additional cost. DRI will not be responsible if cylinder walls crack prematurely.

Optional +2mm Stainless Steel Intake and Exhaust Valves call for details
Optional +1mm & +2mm Titanium Intake Valves available add $199.00 each to kit price.

(450cc) 11.5-1, 12-1, 13.5-1

Kit Price is plus any OEM parts.
Customer Cores Required: (Must send in to DRI) Cylinder and Head for modification.(or purchase new cores, DRI keeps in stock, see below)
Customer may purchase from DRI new cylinder, head and valve cotters for $595.00.

*If cores are purchased new from DRI, customer will not be required to send their parts to DRI.
DRI will ship new modified and assembled head along with freshly bored and re-plated cylinder.
**If new core route is taken, customer will be responsible setting valve lash.

Delivery Schedule
Average lead time for 470cc National kit is 4 to 5 weeks.
Due to heavy demand it is difficult for DRI to stock newly modified cores.

Duncan Racing's Complete 470cc Engine Performance Package for the Honda TRX 450R
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