Yamaha Raptor 250cc & 280CC "National Engine Kit"

Yamaha Raptor 250cc & 280CC "National Engine Kit"

#EK-32RN 250cc NATIONAL Kit $1499.00
#EK-32RN-280 280cc NATIONAL Kit $1799.00

INCLUDES: Fat Boy 4 Complete Exhaust System, STD Bore Forged Piston or 280cc Big Bore Piston Kit Big Bore Headgasket,Cylinder Strip-Bore-Replate to fit 280cc, HP4 Kit (DR Porting, SERDI Valve seat Cut Big Valve Kit, HD Valve Springs, Shortened Bronze Guides, Hardfaced Camshaft), Instructions, DR Tech Support.

PERFORMANCE GAIN: 30%+ HP over Stock depending on Camshaft and compression option.

Compression: (STD bore 250cc) 10-1, 12-1
Compression: (280cc) 10-1, 12-1

CAMSHAFT OPTIONS: BILLET Made in US (stock core required) Camshaft-Low End/Baja-#87 , Camshaft-Midrange #40, Camshaft- Midrange/Top End #260-X2

FUEL: 10-1 93 Octane Pump Fuel, 12-1 and up 105-112 Race Fuel Octane

AIR/FUEL: Rejet stock carburetor. *Call for carburetor options.

AIR CLEANER: Recommend Pro Flow Air Cleaner Kit in stock airbox with no lid.

CORES REQUIRED: Cylinder, Head, Camshaft *Cylinder not required on 250cc kit.

NEW CORE PRICING: Head $297.00 , Cylinder $376.00, Camshaft $110.00

Vortex Ignition #VT-3250 $499.00
Pro Flow A/C Kit (Foam) #PD-273 $109.95

DELIVERY TIME: 3-4 weeks

NOTES: Kit Price is plus any OEM parts. Customer must send in to DRI their; Cylinder, Head, (or purchase new cores)

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