Yamaha Raptor 740 DRI National 740cc Engine Kit

Yamaha Raptor 740 DRI National 740cc Engine Kit

Fat Boy 4 Complete Exhaust System, 740cc Forged JE Piston Kit (12-1 compression), Big Bore Sleeve (installed & bored), head gasket, Hard faced Camshaft, HD Valve Springs w/Titanium Retainers, Shortened Bronze Guides, DR Head Porting (with guides out) and Valve Seat Cut, Instructions, DR Tech Support. Cylinder Head is returned assembled and ready to install.

*Center case machining is required to install the 740cc Kit.
**DRI charges $125.00 to machine center cases for 740cc sleeve if engine is disassembled and cases are sent to DRI.
***DRI also offers complete engine teardown and reassembly. Call for details

Kit Options:
Camshafts Options- X3H Grind "All Around" Power Gain. Lift .452"/.429", Duration 276/274?
X14H Grind "Full Race/Top End" Power Gain. Lift .452"/.412", Duration 292/294?

DRI uses hardfaced camshafts only for the Raptor. A hardfaced camshaft is made from a stock oem core. The lobes are welded up, the camshaft profile is changed, and the camshaft is heat treated.

*DRI only uses this design because it is the most reliable option for this model.

Compression: 12-1 (race gas only)

Customer Cores Required:
Customer must send in to DRI their; Cylinder, Head, Camshaft for modification. (or purchase new cores

Kit Price is plus any OEM parts.

**For more Engine Kit options check the Buyers Guide seciton**

Duncan Racing's Complete 740cc Engine Performance Package for the Yamaha Raptor
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