Yamaha Warrior Keihin Carburetor Kit

Yamaha Warrior Keihin Carburetor Kit

The 38mm PE works on both stock or modified engines, but performs best on modified engines with higher compression.

Carburetor performs best with Fat Boy 4 Exhaust. For ideal performance, carburetor is recommeded to be used with Pro Flow K&N air filter kit, in stock air box with air lid removed.

Carburetor attatches to stock air boot from air box to carburetor. If this rubber tube has aged and hardened it may be necessary to replace with new, when installing PE carburetor kit.

Jet kit is optional (at additional cost) consists of richer and leaner pilot jets, needles & main jets.

Specify throttle application when ordering; Available with Twist Throttle kit of Cable to be used with stock thumb throttle.

Keihin PE carburetors are are good upgrade in both performance and reliability for the Honda 300EX and Yamaha Warrior.All carburetor kits are pre-jetted by DRI.
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