PC 4000 4-Stroke Power Cylinder for 400EX

PC 4000 4-Stroke Power Cylinder for 400EX


Made in USA

Superior Casting Quality

Stud Depth Increased by .250" for Enhanced Strength

Custom Designed ARP Studs


PC-4044 440cc Cylinder Kit*$1050.00
*Bolt on kit

PC-4050 450cc Cylinder Kit*$1095.00
*Requires case machining

PC-4065 465cc Cylinder Kit*$1095.00
*Requires case machining


Cylinder, studs, JE forged piston kit, headgasket, basegasket (450cc and 465cc Kit) and steel sleeve (installed and bored)

Replacement Piston Options

202304 440cc Piston, 10-1, 88.50mm$235.00
211911 440cc Piston, 11-1, 88.50mm$235.00
172222 440cc Piston, 12-1, 88.50mm$235.00
202303 440cc Piston, 10-1, 89.00mm$235.00
202305 440cc Piston, 11-1, 89.00mm$235.00
211910 440cc Piston, 12-1, 89.00mm$235.00
185650 440cc Piston, 10-1, 89.25mm$235.00
202302 440cc Piston, 11-1, 89.25mm$235.00
219452 440cc Piston, 12-1, 89.25mm$235.00
211908 440cc Piston, 13-1, 89.00mm$235.00
219450 450cc Piston, 12-1, 90.50mm$235.00
211916 465cc Piston, 12-1, 92.00mm$235.00

Replacement Parts

BB-1440 440cc Headgasket $49.95
H-5050 450cc Headgasket $49.95
h-5065 465cc Headgasket $49.95
H-802F 450cc-465cc Basegasket $13.95

The PC4000 power cylinder makes big bore power a reliable option for the Honda 400EX with 440cc, 450cc and 465cc displacement options.
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