Fat Boy 4 Complete Exhaust System '06-'09 Suzuki LT-R450

Fat Boy 4 Complete Exhaust System '06-'09 Suzuki LT-R450

NOTE: Vortex Ignitions has discontinued manufacturing their INTERCEPTOR line of piggy back fuel controllers to focus all their resources on manufacturing their standalone X10 ECU (Engine Controller Units). Regarding INTERCEPTOR references on DRI website. DRI would recommend using a Vortex X10 ECU in lieu of using the now discontinued Interceptor. Please call Duncan Racing Technical Support 619-258-6307 for more information.

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All Fat Boy 4 Exhaust Systems come with a FREE jet kit (for stock carburetor)included with instruction packet

DRI offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in materials and workmanship on all Fat Boy 4 systems sold. Warranty is for original purchaser only and is non-transferable. Each system is supplied with warranty registration card that must be read, signed and returned to DRI.

No HQ muffler is available for this model.

*All Fat Boy 4 LT-R450 systems include bolt-on turndown

Optional Accessories
#06-554 Spark Arrestor Screen.
#FBY-RP165 Repacking Kit.
For additional parts see DRI price list for full listing.

Fuel Injection Modifications
The LT-R450 will start and run with Fat Boy 4 and Pro Flow air cleaner kit using the standard Fuel Injection system. But it is NOT advisable to run the machine this way. The engine will run to lean and engine damage may occur. The stock ECU cannot adequately adjust for the added performance items.
An EFI Vortex Interceptor is strongly recommended to ensure proper air-fuel misture. Proper air-fuel mixture will help a machine to make maximum power and reliability.

The Vortex EFI Interceptor unit is a highly sophisticated unit that offers a simple solution for attaining the proper air-fuel mixture for your modified EFI Raptor. This affortable,plug in module taps into the fuel injection drive circuit from the standard ECU whilst monitoring the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) then remaps the injector pulses thus the fuel flow to better match the increase air flow created by the addition of the Fat Boy 4 exhaust and Pro Flow air cleaner kit. (for more details see the Vortex Ignitions section on our website in the ATV PRODUCTS section)

Other Required modifications: Pro Flow Kit with K&N Air Filter, Air-fuel mixture adjustment and Vortex Interceptor FI.Pro Flow kits (kit with K&N $149.00) and Vortex EFI Interceptors ($299.00) are available at additional cost.

Larger C/S sprocket advisable in hard pack terrain or on with 18" tires.

Performance: 20% HP Gain peak; 20 bike length gain in a 300 yard acceleration run, average.

Fat Boy 4 4-Stroke Power Exhausts are a proprietary product of Duncan Racing International, Inc. DRI is the sole manufacture and developer of this product. DRI has designed this product to be the top ATV 4-Stroke exhaust on the market.

Fat Boy 4 Features
Following are a number of features that make up the Fat Boy 4 line up. All systems are tested in all elements possible.

CNC Bent 308 stainless steel headers, mid-pipes and tail sections. Standard finish; brite finish.

CNC machined stainless steel header flanges.

Custom designed .100" wall aluminum extrusion muffler body. Standard finish satin. Polished by special order.

Front and Rear End Caps CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum.

Muffler mounts CNC machined from single piece of 6061 billet aluminum. Attached to muffler body by heli-arc weld. O-Ring Seal at tail pipe to muffler joint.

All mufflers completely rebuild able and repackable.

Stainless muffler cores.

Optional (at additional cost) Bolt On Turndown; redirects exhaust fumes and noise toward the ground. Also required for use with spark arrestor. Attaches with 4 stainless screws (supplied) and has O-Ring seal.

All systems are individually marked with their own serial number.

Complete DRI Technical phone support for installation and carburetor jetting questions.

Fat Boy 4 4-Stroke Power Exhausts are a proprietary product of Duncan Racing
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