CROWN Series Steel Braided Brake Lines

CROWN Series Steel Braided Brake Lines

Purchase Options
Front Stainless Steel Brake Line Sets complete $119.95
Front sets are supplied with complete line system. From master cylinder to calipers.

Rear Stainless Steel Brake Line $39.95
*Special length Rear Lines add $5.00 minimum (must call to order)

Protective Coating Color Options: Clear, Smoke, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green.
Orange and Purple available by special order. Must call to order.

Part# DR-5555 Brake Line Holder $39.95 View Here

Product Features
Improved Braking over stock rubber lines

Front and Rear Kits offered in various lengths to accommodate different a-arm and swingarm lengths

Teflon inner core

Type 304 Stainless steel wire braid external reinforcement

Pressure Tested to 4500 psi

End Fittings 1218 steel plated

Pressure collars 304 stainless steel

Multi color options of outer protective sheath

New `T` bracket junction, made from steel. Designed with JIC ends that are self-sealing. Offers easier more positive installation, without the need for Teflon tape.

Brakelines must be installed with new brake fluid and properly bleed for proper operation. If necessary consult a certified technician.

Front Sets- $119.95

CR-5100������� Honda TRX 250R (�86-�89) STD A-ARMS

CR-5125������� Honda TRX 250R (�86-�89) +2� A-ARMS

CR-5400������� Honda 400EX (all years) STD A-ARMS

CR-5425������� Honda 400EX (all years) +2� A-ARMS

CR-5600������� Honda TRX450R STD A-ARMS

CR-5625������� Honda TRX450R +2� A-ARMS

CR-6900������� Honda TRX700XX STD A-ARMS

CR-6925������� Honda TRX700XX +2� A-Arms

CR-5000������� Yamaha Blaster (�03) STD A-ARMS

CR-5025������� Yamaha Blaster +2� A-ARMS

CR-5500������� Yamaha YFZ450 STD A-ARMS

CR-5525������� Yamaha YFZ450 +2� A-ARMS

CR-6800������� Yamaha YFZ R STD Length

CR-6825������� Yamaha YFZ R +2� A-ARMS

CR-5700������� Yamaha Banshee (�90-�06) STD A-ARMS

CR-5725������� Yamaha Banshee (�90-�06) + 2� A-ARMS

CR-5800������� Yamaha Raptor 660/700 (all years) STD A-ARMS

CR-5825������� Yamaha Raptor 660/700 (all years) +2� A-ARMS

CR-6700������� Yamaha Raptor 250 STD Front

CR-6725������� Yamaha Raptor 250 +2� Front

CR-5900������� LOBO w/400EX Spindals STD A-ARMS

CR-5925������� LOBO w/400EX Spindals +2� A-ARMS

CR-5200������� Suzuki Z400/KFX 400 STD A-ARMS

CR-5225������� Suzuki Z400/KFX 400 +2� A-ARMS

CR-6500������� Suzuki LT500

CR-6200������� Suzuki LT R450 STD Length

CR-6225������� Suzuki LT R450 Extended Length

CR-6400������� Kawasaki KFX 450 STD A-ARMS

CR-6425������� Kawasaki KFX 450 +2� A-ARMS

CR-5300������� Kawasaki KFX700 STD A-ARMS

CR-5325������� Kawasaki KFX700 +2� A-ARMS


Rear Sets�� - $39.95

CR-5150������� Honda TRX 250R (�86-�89) STD Rear

CR-5450������� Honda 400EX (all years) STD Rear

CR-5650������� Honda TRX450R STD Rear

CR-6950������� Honda 700XX STD Rear

CR-5050������� Yamaha Blaster (�03-�06) STD Rear

CR-5550������� Yamaha YZF450 STD Rear

Cr-6850�������� Yamaha YFZ450 R STD Rear

CR-5750������� Yamaha Banshee (all years) STD Rear

CR-5850������� Yamaha Raptor 660 (all years) STD Rear

CR-5857������� Yamaha Raptor 700 (18�) STD Rear

CR-6750������� Yamaha Raptor 250 STD Rear STD Rear

CR-5250������� Suzuki Z400/KFX400 STD Rear

CR-6550������� Suzuki LT500 STD Rear

CR-6250������� Suzuki LT R450 STD Rear

CR-6450������� Kawasaki KFX 450 STD Rear

CR-5775������� Special Rear Lines +Lengths���������������� Prices Starting From:�������������� $45.00

NOTE: All above lines are for standard length swingarms.Longer and shorter lines are available upon request.

* SPECIFY COLOR WHEN ORDERING: Clear, Smoke, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange


Improved Braking over stock rubber lines. Front and Rear Kits offered in various lengths to accomidate differant a-arm and swingarm lengths. Teflon inner core. Type 304 Stainless steel wire