Yamaha Banshee 8-Plate

Yamaha Banshee 8-Plate

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Part # H025 8-Plate Inner Hub $319.00

Part # H021 8-Plate Pressure Plate $199.99

Part # C-338 DR 8-Plate Clutch Kit $169.00
(Includes fibers, steels, springs)

Models: Yamaha Banshee 87-03

Applications: Works with #H016 Billet Clutch Basket or with #020 Straight Cut Gear-Basket sets

Why use an 8-Plate set. Stock Banshee’s use 7-fibers and 6-steels. Adding one fiber and one steel plate increases the amount of HP the clutch can handle, adds to clutch life. Beneficial on high HP motors

Recommended for High Horsepower engines. Works very well on stroker motors of any size, especially when used with #020 Straight Cut Gear-Basket sets

The strongest most durable Banshee Clutch Inner Hub-Pressure Plate set on the market today

Recommended Clutch: Use DR-C38-8-plate (fibers, steels, springs)

Product Features
CNC Machined from T-6 7075 Billet aluminum

All Hinson clutch components are treated with a Unique Akadize process, Lovett, for maximum durability

Hinson Clutch Baskets are stronger, wear longer, lighter and machined to enhance the oiling of the clutch

Hinson is the original manufacture of the ATV aftermarket clutch.
Be aware of cheap copies, without the many hours of R&D, and commitment to making the finest parts in the world today, no one can match Hinson Clutches.

Notes on stock clutches:
Stock clutch baskets are cast aluminum without any coating; under severe stress they can break sending pieces through your engine.
Stock baskets are also prone to premature wear from the fiber plates, resulting in numerous side affects effecting clutch life, clutch wear, engine performance and overall reliability

What does a 7 plate clutch mean?
The clutch's size is generally coded by the number of fiber (drive) plates that the clutch has. Driven plates (steels) are always 1 plate less than fibers.
Most machines have a 7-plate design (but a few models come stock with 6 fibers or 8 fibers)

Adding a fiber and steel plate to the original clutch design, gives the engines clutch, the ability to handle additional horsepower while prolonging clutch life

Adding one fiber and one steel plate increases the amount of HP the clutch can handle, adds to clutch life. Benificial on high HP motors
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