DR Billet Shifter Levers

DR Billet Shifter Levers

DR billet shift levers are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and are available in various lengths depending on model.

DR-15AS Honda TRX 450R (STD Length) $89.95

DR-10AS Honda TRX/ATC 250R (STD Length) $89.95
DR-11AS Honda TRX/ATC 250R (-1" Length) $89.95

DR-14AS Honda 400EX (STD Length) $89.95

DR-2ZAS Suz LTZ 400/Kaw KFX 400 (STD Length) $89.95

DR-34AS Yamaha YFZ450 (STD Length) $89.95

DR-32AS Yamaha Blaster (STD Length) $89.95

DR-30AS Yamaha Banshee (STD Length) $89.95
DR-31AS Yamaha Banshee (-1" Length) $89.95

DR-36AS Yamaha Raptor (STD Length) $89.95

Color: Silver

When installing a billet aluminum shifter it is imperative that the shift shaft splines are in very good condition

Billet shifters offer improved function, lighterweight, improved apperance offer stock parts.
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