Roll Design Yamaha YFZR Lobo II Front Suspension Kit

Roll Design Yamaha YFZR Lobo II Front Suspension Kit

Model: Yamaha YFZ450R

$2995.00 (w/stage 4 Front Shocks)

$3495.00 (w/stage 5 Front Shocks)

Includes: Lobo A-Arms, Axis or ELKA shocks, Tie Rods, CROWN Brake Lines, Upper & Lower A-Arms come powder coated.

�Made in USA-4130 Chromally Oversized Gullwing Lower A-Arms � Maximum Wheel Travel-Enhanced Steering � Linear Motion Ratios Improves: Braking, Weight Transfer and Corner Stability � Encapsulated Upper Ball Joints � Desert-Motocross-Multiple Shock Options:Elka-Fox-Axis � All Kits Include Crown Steel Braided Front Brake Line Kit LOBO II F. Suspension Kit

Chrome plating available at additional cost
For chrome upper arms add $250.00

Roll Design is the Pioneer(over 15 years)in ATV Suspension. Do not be mislead by fakes and copies. Roll Design has more R & D and field testing in their products than ALL other companies combined


Patented lower Gull Wing (bent) Arm design (Roll Design built the first ATV bent lower arms in 1988). Allows for shocks with longer shaft travel. This design allows for a low ride height which helps corner stability, without sacrificing the plushness of the ride

Motion Ratios are adjusted to Roll design specifications. All motion ratios are linear which improves: braking, weight transfer and corner stability

Steering is enhanced with the Lobo II kit. Machines have lower ride height, Improved stability over stock, Gives a more precise feel

Lower control arms are constructed of oversized 4130 chromoly tubing

Control arm inboard pivots consist of long wear PFTE composite lined bearings

Upper control arms allow for initial camber adjustment

Ball joints are a three piece high misalignment design utilizing 17-4 heat treated Stainless Steel components and a long wearing replaceable spherical bearing

Lower ball joint housing is integrated into the control arm eliminating any bending or shear points

Upper ball joint is encapsulated in 7075 high strength lightweight aluminum body

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