Yamaha X10 CDI Ignitions

Yamaha X10 CDI Ignitions

VT-3250- Yamaha Raptor 250 ('08-'10)
VT-3300- Yamaha Banshee (�95-'06)


VT-3601- Yamaha Raptor 660 ('01) DISCONTINUED
VT-3603- Yamaha Raptor 660 ('02-'05) DISCONTINUED
VT-3450- Yamaha YFZ 450 ('04-'09) DISCONTINUED

Vortex is original inventor of the dual curve programmable CDI. Vortex CDI's are designed and manufactured in Australia and have been race proven in the motorcycle and karting industry by Champions worldwide.

Duncan Racing International, Inc. is the exclusive USA, ATV importer. DRI will work directly with Vortex regarding, R&D, Curve Mapping, Technical Support and General overall Enhancement and Growth of the Vortex ATV ignition product line.

Duncan Racing International, Inc. has been testing Vortex ignitions with outstanding results. Doug Eicnher used a Vortex X10 CDI to win his 5th straight WORCS Championship.

John Natalie, Andy Lagzdins, Tavis Cain, have also been having solid results with the Vortex X10.

Warranty; Vortex ignitions are warranted for replacement/repair only for 12 months from date of manufacture.

Vortex or DRI are not liable for any engine damage, user may incur.

Carburetion setting should always be reevaluated when adjusting ignition curve, failure to properly tune the engine can cause engine damage.

VORTEX X10 CDI Product Features

+ Upgraded to improve starting on electric start models on �07 Honda.

+Instant Plug In Performance no mods to wiring

+Up to 10 selectable Power Settings adjustment is as easy as a suspension clicker

+Handlebar Switch for Dynamic Map selection (allows rider to switch between 2 selected curves during operation)

+Rubber mounting boot & brackets supplied (when necessary)

+V-Boost Voltage Booster for Maximum Spark Energy

+Programmable Rev Limit (must be programmed by technician with Vortex PC software)

+Race Proven for performance and reliability

+PC Programming Software available for engine developers. (Contact DRI for purchase information)

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why would an ATV rider want an ignition different than stock?

The factories design the stock CDI's to work with stock engines for a multitude of riding applications. Adjusting the ignition curve can enhance the power of the ATV's engine, especially when other components (exhaust, camshaft, port timing etc.) are modified as well

Why would a person need 10 Power Curve Options?

The average rider may not always need that many options. But racers both on-course and off can very easily do testing for their specific machine and their specific riding application.

The 10 curves programmed into the Vortex X10 offer a stock map, plus a good range of advanced and retarded maps, with various rev limitations. All pretested by Vortex or DRI technicians.

For an example: Advancing the ignition Curve improves torque and low RPM power, while retarding Curve allows engine to Rev higher and smoothes out power.

Why would a rider want a handlebar switch?

The Dual Curve switch allows the user to change Curves as easily as turning on the headlights. Many riders enjoy the option of having one curve set for maximum horsepower and the other set for the best traction.

It is a painless option that once riders get used to, takes to it like shifting gears.

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