Suzuki LT-R450 Vortex EFI Interceptor

Suzuki LT-R450 Vortex EFI Interceptor


2006-2010 Models

Product Features

Interceptor Units bolt-on in 15-30 minutes directly to the standard wire harness.

Reprogrammed Fuel Map intended to work better with aftermarket pipes and air cleaner modifications.

EFI Interceptor is strongly recommended will all Fat Boy 4 and other high performance exhaust systems.

Map Key: Switches ECU to alternate map to work correctly with Vortex Interceptor.

The unit is tunable in the field using only small flat blade screwdriver. Each Interceptor includes (3) rotary switches, which represent 0-33%, 34-66% and 61-100% throttle openings. The switches act in a similar fashion to the pilot, needle and main jet on a conventional carburetor.

Each switch allows users to RICHEN or LEAN the preprogrammed Vortex Fuel Map by up to +/- 8% in 2% increments.

1-year warranty from date of manufacture against defects in materials and workmanship.

Unit is fully programmable and can be remapped to suit other engine modifications, such as cam head and compression changes. This can be done using the optional Vortex EFI Software and interconnection hardware (not supplied).

Call DRI for additional information regarding the software.

Vortex EFI Interceptor for the Suzuki LT-R450
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