Engine Rebuild Process

1.Call DRI #619-258-6306 and discuss your engine. 
In the initial consultation DR will answer your basic questions outline a recommended course of action.

2. Get the motor to DRI either via hand delivery or shipment company (ie: UPS, Fed Ex or USPS.) Motor should be sent assembled or if it is disassembled sent with all parts in sealed bags. 
*Send engine as clean and dry as possible (all fluids drained). *Remove wiring harness, kick starter, shifter etc.

Be sure to use proper care with when shipping your engine- the vast majority of issues regarding shipping is inadequate packing.

* Please see our tips on shipping your motor HERE.

* DRI will take complete ATV’s in for rebuilds/modification by appointment- Call for details. 619.258.6306

3. Fill Out the DRI Engine Work Order Form HERE.
Print and fill out its entirety. The more complete information DR receives from client- the better job DR can do in taking care of your engine. 
*Enclose work order form with engine.

After we receive your job- 
-Once DR receives engine they will read and review the work order form
- Then do a tear down and analyze all components: transmission, bearings, cases, clutch, piston, crankshaft, valves etc.

**After DR analyzes the engines component
s, DRI will write up estimate of repairs and or mods desired by customer or required for engine.

-DRI will have consultation with client: either in person, via telephone or via email. Whichever means client prefers. DRI will answer all questions, present all options and the cost, quote lead time to do the work etc. DRI puts and emphasis on educating their clients so they can make the best possible decision based on their needs and budget. Once rebuild/modification plan is in place, Customer will be asked to supply a deposit for the job. (Generally 50% to start with, balance due upon completion) 
Once that is complete DRI will start all the work.

-When engine is complete DRI will contact client to make shipping/delivery arrangements. Engine will be shipped-delivered to/or picked up by client.

DRI will offer client recommendation’s for multitude of engine related items: fuel, oil, carburetion settings, gearing, tires etc.

DRI offers unlimited TECH SUPPORT for engine clients. 

DRI’s online TECH CENTER on the DRI website www.duncanracing.com is the most complete source of on line information. 

**Clients are welcome to call with questions regarding all facets of their ATV.

** Make a list of any and all questions you have. Write them down and ask DRI during our consultations- don’t be afraid to ask.  DR may not be able to answer them all, but we will do our best.

DRI sends a number of helpful tech docs and instructions with the jobs it does. 

The TECH CENTER on DRI’s website has copies of all DRI instruction and Technical Documents.