Duncan Racing has been rebuilding ATV engines since the first ATC 90 hit US soil. Since that time DR has built thousands of 2 and 4 stroke engines worldwide. DR engines have won more races worldwide than any other ATV builder in the world,  from Baja to Dakar, Pikes Peak to Loretta Lynn’s  DR has built  winner’s. DR has proven builds for all types of ATV racing; motocross, off-road, desert, TT, Cross Country, Flat Track, Drag Racing, Ice Racing, if ATV’s race it DR builds.

DR also specializes in recreation and stock builds from sand duning to trail riding DR is experience allows them to handle vintage builds to the newest sport models latest models. DR also offers its engine build services to select Motorcycle and UTV models. (Contact DR to confirm service is offered for your make/model)

All engine builds at DR are given the same attention from stockers to championship contenders. Motors can be shipped to DR from most countries and all states- Shipping Tip section for more information.

Following is a quick summary of the process; once motor arrives at DR facility it is transferred to the engine department, one logged in and paper work filled out the engine goes through a thorough examination. All components are checked, bearings, gears, crankshaft, rod, piston, valves etc. DR keeps extensive notes on disassembly process. Once disassembled certain components will undergo a preliminary wash for further examination. Once the dissemble process is complete, DR will compile a build estimate. Once DR is equipped with teardown notes and preliminary notes, DR will contact client and schedule a time to discuss their engine either in person or by phone. For clients unable to communicate in person or via telephone. DR will compile a comprehensive email outlining the issues with the engine and estimating the build costs. During the estimate phase DR will answer all questions and cover all options. The goal here is to educate our clients so they can make the best decisions for their situation. Once DR and Client have agreed on a course of action. DR will begin the build process.  Performing necessary machine work, cleaning and prepping for reassembly. When all components are prepared engine is reassembled by DR Master Technician. DR performs all applicable bench tests to ensure engine is ready for service. (For select models at additional cost DR offers test runs on the engine before engine is shipped back-contact DR for more details) 

Once engine build is complete DR will schedule pick up or ship engine to client. All DR engine builds come with complete technical instructions cover; break in, tuning, lubrication, etc. All DR engine builds come with unlimited technical support at no charge.

Duncan Racing is not a discount shop, if cheap is what you want DR is not the place. But if you are looking for top quality work, high quality components, top level customer service at a fair price DR is the shop for you.

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