Yamaha Banshee NATIONAL Engine Kit

Yamaha Banshee NATIONAL Engine Kit

DR/PTR National Kits offer the absolute best combination of
of ANY Banshee Kit available on the market today

NATIONAL Kit Options

Part # EK-35NT-XC NATIONAL XC (low end) Kit $2399.00
Part # EK-35NT-MD NATIONAL Midrange (midrange) Kit $2399.00
Part # EK-35NT-HR NATIONAL High Rev (top end) Kit $2399.00

Kit Includes
PTR Pipes (midrange or high rev)(factory finish), Fat Boy 2 Silencers, PTR NATIONAL Porting, Powerhead, Pyramid Reed Valves, MasterFlow Intake Manifold System, Pre-Jetted Keihin 34mm PJ Carburetors (no throttle and or cable), Jet Kit, K&N Air Filter, T-Shirt, Instructions, DR Tech Support

*Cylinder Boring and Pistons are not included in price. DRI can bore cylinders and supply new pistons at additional cost

Cores Required
*Customer must send in their cylinders for NATIONAL Port modification or purchase new cylinders direct from DRI.

Optional Upgrade/Additional Parts Required
Cylinder Boring with ELItE Hone (each) $95.00
PRO X Piston Kits (each) $149.95

Flywheel Modification $90.00
*recommended for Midrange and High Rev Kits

Pipe Chroming $199.00
Pipe Clamps $69.00

Pro Flow Air Cleaner Flange $69.95

Part #01-813 Throttle Cable Banshee Thumb-34mmPJ Carbs $30.95

Part #01-056 CR Type Twist Throttle $22.40
Part #01-242 CR Type Throttle-34mmPJ Carbs $29.95

Keihin 35mm PWK Upgrade (from 34mmPJ in kit) add $100.00

Other Optional Parts

Hinson Billet Clutch Basket with cushion kit $284.99
DR C-33 Clutch Kit $199.00

Power Emphasis
XC Low End Kit:Power emphasis Very Strong Bottom and Good Midrange Pull

Midrange Kit:Good low end throttle response, excellent midrange, good top end,
likes to pull a taller gear

High Rev Top End Kit: Snappy low end for top end motor, good midrange, excellent 3/4 throttle to full power

Power Gain
50% to 60% over stock, peak

Reliability Rating
With proper maintenance, National kits are 80% reliable as stock

Application Recommendation
XC/Low End: Cross Counrty/Tight Woods Riding and or Racing

Midrange: Motocross, Sand Dune Riding, Trail Riding, Gran Prix Races,
*Best Overall PowerBand

High Rev/Top End: Drag Racing, Hill Racing, Asphalt Drags, TT & Flat Tracks

Special Notes

DRI Banshee NATIONAL kits are the best combination of performance, reliability and value on the market today

DRI Banshee kits are the strongest running Banshee 350cc Race Gas motors in the country

All DRI 2-Stroke Engine Kits are designed to run on a good quality Race Fuel. With octane between 105 to 112

DRI Banshee National Kits have won more Banshee National and International pro events worldwide than all others combined
(5)Pont De Vaux 12hr World Endurance Championships
(6)AMA Open Pro MX/TT Championships
(2)Baja 1000
(2)Baja 500
(8)British Championships
French/European Championship
(2)GNCC XC Open A Championships

Plus given our customers thousands of hours of fun

Paul Turner Racing Products are a proprietary brand of Duncan racing International, Inc.

DRI Banshee NATIONAL kits are the best combination of performance, reliability and value on the market today
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