Established in 2000 as the top off line Power Valve cylinder for the '85-'89 Honda TRX/ATC 250R engine. The PC 2000 is the original Power Valve cylinder, and has easily out distanced its competitors by consistently winning races in every major race series in the country.

PC 2000:Cylinder Kits (2002 Model)
PC-220265 PC2000 Cylinder Kit 265cc (Nikasil)*
PC-220275 PC2000 Cylinder Kit 275cc (Nikasil)*
PC-220305 PC2000 Cylinder Kit 305cc (Nikasil)*
PC-220340 PC2000 Cylinder Kit 340cc (Nikasil)*
*Note #1: Add -M for Midrange or -H for High Rev Kit
*Note #2: Cylinder Kits Include: 2002 Model PC2000 Cylinder, Powervalve Assembly(installed), Billet Head, Dome, Water Fitting, Cyl.Studs, Cyl/Head O�Rings, Piston Kit, Nikasil Coating, Spark Plug, Pre-Ported(All PC2000 Cylinders come Pre-Ported by DRI), Instructions.
*Note #3: 305cc and 340cc Nikasil coated cylinders require center case machining
*Note #4: Center Case Machining: cases MUST be disassembled, cost $125.00 to MACHINE ONLY.

PC 2000:Engine Kits (2002 Model)
PC-222550 PC 2000 Engine Kit 265cc/275cc
PC-223050 PC 2000 Engine Kit 305cc
PC-223400 PC 2000 Engine Kit 340cc
Engine Kits Include: PC2000 Cylinder Kit, PTR Pipe, FatBoy Silencer, Keihin Carburetor, Jet Kit, PYRAMID Reed Valve, K&N Filter, Outerwear
*Chrome Pipe Additional

*For more information on purchasing replacement parts for the PC 2000 Click HERE.

PC 2000 Features:

1.Cylinder is cast and CNC machined in the USA

2.Duncan Racing preports PC 2000 cylinders in house, before being nikasil coated.

3.Unique port tunnel design offers latest 2-stroke performance technology. With unmatched fuel scavenging. Exhaust port is a 3-port design. (1-main, 2-secondary)

4.PC 2000 cylinder is designed to use a special Power Valve system that helps give the engine an extremely broad and smooth power band for a 2-stroke.

The valve operates on exhaust gas pressure and performs 2-main functions during operation.

A)The up and down movement of the valve alters the exhaust port timing give the engine better low RPM (valve closed) power while still maintaining excellent mid and high RPM (valve open) power. The power curve transition throughout the RPM range offers unmatched smoothness and reliability.

B)As the power valve opens and closes the compression is automatically adjusted. The higher the compression (valve closed/for better low RPM torque) As valve opens compression decreases slightly allowing engine to Rev through the RPM range more smoothly

5.PC 2000 cylinders are available in (4) displacement options;

265ccAMA legal for GNC/GNCC

275ccBest combo of performance and reliability

305ccIncreased power over 275cc, but better reliability than 340cc

340ccLargest Nikasil version available

305cc and 340cc versions require center case machining, for cylinder skirt clearance.

The above listed displacement sizes are true calculations. Not inflated in accurate numbers, like other companies list.

6.All PC 2000 cylinders are offered with the highest quality cylinder bore coating by Peoton MaxPower. Coatings offer many advantages over old fashioned steel sleeve liners; decreased cylinder wear, enhanced heat dissipation, less piston/cylinder friction, increased horsepower.

7.The PC 2000 offers over 50% more cooling capacity than stock cylinders.

8.Each cylinder is supplied with it's own CNC machined head from billed aluminum. Each PC 2000 head is unique to the PC design and offers maximum cooling, proper spark plug angle, inter-changeable and adjustable size domes, O-Ring seal (cylinder and head surface)

9.Rear water fitting is billet aluminum (no cast) and bolts into cylinder with o-ring seal.

10.Multiple Power Curves MIDRANGE and HIGH REV. Because riding conditions variety to many extremes all PC 2000 cylinder kits are available 2 separate port design options.

A)MIDRANGE: for MX, Trails, XC, Desert, Dune Riding, Small TT's & Ovals

B)HIGH REV: for Drag Racing, Large TT's Ovals, Hill Racing, Asphalt Drags.

11.Cylinder is a DRI proprietary product. All cylinders come from DRI and come with DRI's famous quality, performance and guarantee.

PC 2000 Accomplishments: Since it's inception in 2000 the DRI, PC 2000 Power Valve cylinder has assemble an impressive resume.

2000 GNC 250 Pro Champion12 GNCC Overall wins and over 40 podiums finish

2001 GNC 250 A Champion2000 & 2002 King of the Desert

2001 & 2002 GNC TT 250 Pro2001 SCORE ATV Overall Champion

Champion Runner-Up2001 Best in the Desert Sportsman Champion

2001 Open Pro-Am Champion2000-2001 D 38 Champion

2002 WORCS Champion2000-2001 FRT Superstition Series Champion

Multiple ATV Desert Race Overall Wins: Terrible Town 250, Nevada 2000, Baja 500, Adelanto Gran Prix, Tonapah 300

Top Riders who have won on PC 2000 Engine kits: Doug Eichner, Tavis Cain, Brad Page, Tim Farr, Travis Spader, William Yokley, Chad Duval, Matt Smiley, Allen White

PC 2000 CYLINDER KITS Include: PC 2000 Cylinder (pre ported) with Nikasil Coating, Power Valve Assy (installed) PC 2000 Billet Head and Dome, Head O-Rings, Cyl Head Studs, Piston Kit, Instructions, DR Tech Support.

Order Options: Size: 265cc,275cc,305cc,340cc. Midrange or High Rev

NOTES: a) 305cc and 340cc Cylinder kits require case boring.

b) PC 2000 head only works with PC 2000 cylinder

c) Stock reed cage and intake manifold will work. PYRAMID Valve works best.

d) Stock exhaust flange will work. DRI steel Dual O-Ring works best.

e) Runs with all existing PTR and Fat Boy pipes and silencers.

PC 2000 ENGINE KITS Include: PC 2000 Cylinder Kit (any size & power curve), PTR Exhaust Pipe (4-options), Fat Boy 2 Silencer, Pre-Jetted Keihin Carburetor (3-Options),

Jet Kit, Pyramid Reed Valve, K&N Filter, Outerwear, T-Shirt, DR Tech Support.

All PC 2000 cylinder bore surfaces are finished with Apticote 2000.

The PC 2000 is the original Power Valve cylinder, and has easily out distanced its competitors by consistently winning races in every major race series in the country.PC 2000 Features:1.Cyl
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