Custom Colors for Fat Boy 4

Custom Colors for Fat Boy 4


*Please Note

Custom anodized color components (muffler, end cap & turndown) are at an additional cost to the base price for the Fat Boy 4 and the components (Turn down & End cap).  

Honda TRX 450 Fat Boy 4 Complete Exhaust System-$550.00
With custom colored 3-piece package option � add $129.95
FB4 Exhaust system & Custom Color option total =$679.95

*All custom color options are by special order only.
**Lead time can be 1-2 weeks

Muffler bodies, rear end caps or turndowns are available colored individually or as a complete package.

**Prices for anodizing are in addition to base prices charged for a
Standard Fat Boy 4 and components

FB4-A3PCO add $129.95 for anodizing 3-piece package;
                  (muffler, End Cap and Turndown)
FB4-A1ECO add $24.95 for anodizing End Cap ONLY
FB4-A1TDO add $24.95 for anodizing Turndown ONLY
FB4-A1MFO add $89.95 for anodizing Muffler ONLY

To view installed photos visit our Buyers Guide

DRI cannot guarantee colored anodized mufflers will not fade over time.

Availible by Special Order Only - Must Call to Order
Call us for Availability!
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